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So, you may know that I am in graduate school now. The workload has just started to pick up, but after four years at Smith College, I think I’ve got this down.

This is the first time I have been at college without having to participate in/run a general pagan group, and it’s both relieving and disconcerting. I am really feeling the lack of in-person polytheists. Syracuse is a spiritual wasteland. Not only that, but someone from my program just Facebook friended me and he quotes Dawkins on his profile. I hate* Dawkins, and an atheist has already gifted me a copy of The God Delusion. So ... this leaves looking reasonably bookish at CNY Pagan Pride Day, right? Wrong.

You’d think that with Syracuse University having a Pagan chaplain CNYPPD choose someplace that was bus-accessible so students could actually go, right? FAIL.

We will now have to see how insane I get before I start writing incoherent Craigslist postings. Maybe my workload will pick up enough that it won’t even matter in the end.

Also, I'm tired and cranky right now.

* This is not because he’s unsaved. (Personally, I don’t think people should be treated like Word documents.) It is far more serious than that. HE DID NOT CITE THOMAS PAINE! The entire God Delusion was a 21st-century regurgitation/rewrite for atheists of Paine’s deistic classic, The Age of Reason. I mean, who messes with classics of free thought? ... WITHOUT CITING THEM?! FUTURE LIBRARIAN SMASH! ... also, the Scarlet A campaign bothers me. I have a minor symmetry compulsion. It might be why I separate M&Ms by color.


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