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Kind of X-posted from LJ. 

So ... I have made this list for my sanity. We only have about a month of classes left, and I will be interning elsewhere (yay Cambridge area!) during the summer and am currently looking for a sublet.

This is the list of food, primarily pantry items, that I have collected over the course of ... about two years, although most of it comes from this past year, and it excludes the pantry/freezer/refrigerator items that we share (butter, garlic, onions, and frozen broccoli, for the most part). The full bag of lentils is about 2 years old because I said to myself, "I should cook with lentils because they are cheap and healthy!" And then I never touched them.

I had no idea I actually had this much food. It only takes up three cubes of mesh storage and a bit of the fridge/freezer. I kept buying more than I needed at the grocery store "just in case" because I wanted to make sure I could actually cook something if the roads became impassable (which didn't happen nearly as much as I thought it would on grocery shopping days, but almost every single time I commuted anywhere) ... and that's in addition to some of the weirder things I got over break because my vegan sister volunteers at a co-op and can thus buy crazy things at a 17.5% discount and give them to me out of the goodness of her heart.

Some have suggested cooking up the dark lentils for salad and making miso soup (my lazy food). I think I will make savory muffins for dinner tomorrow using some of the spelt and barley flour, raisins, almonds, and a few other things. 

Note: this list does not include spices, for the most part. I have lots of these, including lavender buds, thyme, and marjoram.

Pantry Goods
1/2 box barley
1/2 bag wild rice
1 bag basmati
1 bag white wheat flour
1/2 bag whole wheat flour
1/2 bag spelt flour
1/2 bag millet flour
2 bags barley flour
1/4 bag rice flour
toasted oats cereal
1 bag kamut puffs (cereal)
3 pouches instant oatmeal
1 bag wheat germ
1/2 bag rice sticks
1 bag hoo roo rook (instant noodle soup similar to ramen)

1 can water chestnuts
2 cans Hunt's Tomatoes, fire roasted
1 bag dried fruit
1/2 box raisins
2 boxes vegan bouillon cubes
1/2 bag nori
1 bag salad booster
1 bag wakame
1/2 bag kombu
1/2 bag arame
1/2 bag hijiki
1/2 bag agar-agar

2 cans skipjack tuna
1 can lemon pepper tuna

tamarind and garlic sauce
cilantro and tomato cooking sauce

Nuts, Seeds, & Legumes
1/2 bag red lentils
1/2 bag amaranth (yes, amaranth is a seed)
1/4 bag quinoa (ditto)
sesame seeds
1 bag really old lentils — query to Internet: still good after 2 years?
1/2 bag sliced almonds
1/2 bag textured veggie protein
1 box silken tofu

1 box puppodums
Wolfgang Puck chicken & wild rice soup
extra virgin olive oil
small bottle of Grand Marnier
apple cider vinegar

1 carton oat milk
1 bottle carrot juice
1 pt maple syrup
1 container mushroom broth
luna bars
Lots and lots of delicious tea

Refrigerated Goods
1/4 bottle red wine
1 bottle white wine
1/2 bottle ice wine

Maple cream
cashew butter
fish sauce
butternut squash oil

Dairy and Dairy-esque
1/2 carton hazelnut milk
ricotta cheese
garlic scape cheese

Lemon juice
red miso paste
white miso paste
summer roll wrappers
chicken bouillon
walnut oil

Freezer Goods
2 freezer bags of grape leaves
1 1/2 bags frozen mushrooms (assorted, primarily shiitake)
1 bag frozen strawberries
1 bag shaved coconut
1 bag sliced pumpernickel bread
1/2 small container garlic scape pesto
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So, you may know that I am in graduate school now. The workload has just started to pick up, but after four years at Smith College, I think I’ve got this down.

This is the first time I have been at college without having to participate in/run a general pagan group, and it’s both relieving and disconcerting. I am really feeling the lack of in-person polytheists. Syracuse is a spiritual wasteland. Not only that, but someone from my program just Facebook friended me and he quotes Dawkins on his profile. I hate* Dawkins, and an atheist has already gifted me a copy of The God Delusion. So ... this leaves looking reasonably bookish at CNY Pagan Pride Day, right? Wrong.

You’d think that with Syracuse University having a Pagan chaplain CNYPPD choose someplace that was bus-accessible so students could actually go, right? FAIL.

We will now have to see how insane I get before I start writing incoherent Craigslist postings. Maybe my workload will pick up enough that it won’t even matter in the end.

Also, I'm tired and cranky right now.

* This is not because he’s unsaved. (Personally, I don’t think people should be treated like Word documents.) It is far more serious than that. HE DID NOT CITE THOMAS PAINE! The entire God Delusion was a 21st-century regurgitation/rewrite for atheists of Paine’s deistic classic, The Age of Reason. I mean, who messes with classics of free thought? ... WITHOUT CITING THEM?! FUTURE LIBRARIAN SMASH! ... also, the Scarlet A campaign bothers me. I have a minor symmetry compulsion. It might be why I separate M&Ms by color.


Sep. 6th, 2010 02:15 pm
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I'm testing this as an alternative to LiveJournal because I don't like the way it's currently going. A lot of things seem pretty standard about it, but we'll see how this goes.


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